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M4L is a new methodology and unique approach that shifts the assessment field from focusing on individual’s behavior into assessing individual’s personal construct as a way to facilitate human development.

M4L approaches the personal construct on four sequential accumulated levels, each level determines the next level’s strength and direction; M4L analyzes your behavior, the reasons behind this behavior, and what motivates it. To understand the displayed behavior, one needs to understand what motivates these actions. As we get swamped in life and fall into the web of conformity, we may become unaware of our own believes and values and instead, we start living through the values of others trying to skew our behavior either trying to conform with or oppose to others benchmarks. Consequently, we settle for the best friend role instead of the leading role in the movie of our life! We help people and organizations draft and figure their own values, see blind areas and fill in the missing gaps in themselves.

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