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SHIFT training

Without selling, there is no business. And without SALES PERSON, there is no sales training. That's why all our sales training sessions are conducted by sales persons and sales managers as trainer. No body can teach sales like a sales person.
Our sales training courses are developed to match the selling profession in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. Customers are different in this area than customers in Europe, USA and other parts of the world. to train your sales people well, you have to train them to deal with the customers they are seeing day to day.
Sales Sprint

This unique program lays the solid foundation base for both individuals who are seeking to build a sales career, as well as organizations who want to elevate the performance of their sales teams

Panoramic Key Account Management 

Upgrading business relation with the key customers from transactional to collaborative level is the most economic means to keep medium-long term business success.

​This module is dedicated for sales professionals who are responsible for account handling. It provides specific tools and techniques for key accounts identifications, analysis, prioritizing, development and maintenance. 

• Relation value rather than commodity price

• Key account’s identification and prioritization

• Key accounts selection

 Relation stage identification and relation development

• Key account profiling

• Mandatory commercial knowledge for account managers

Effective Sales Force Management and Leadership 

Sales force is in the middle of a fierce battlefield. In the middle of the battle, this force needs a managing leader.

Successful sales manager has to be a leader too. This module provides sales managers with a comprehensive structure and toolkit to manage sales team as a managing leader.

• Sales manager role

• Difference between salesman and sales manager

• Measuring team performance

• Managing sales forecasts

• Territory planning

• Managing sales meetings

• Performance monitoring and appraisal

• Coaching and Motivation

Compensation, rewarding and corrective actions

Sales Forecasting

With an accurate sales forecast in hand, you can plan for the future.

Successful sales manager has to be a leader too. This module provides sales managers with a comprehensive structure and toolkit to manage sales team as a managing leader.

Sales are the lifeblood of a business. It's what helps you pay employees, cover operating expenses, buy more inventory, market new products and attract more investors. Sales forecasting is a crucial part of the financial planning of a business. It's a self-assessment tool that uses past and current sales statistics to intelligently predict future performance.

Sales Manager Crash Course 

The objective of this training is to provide the newly appointed sales managers with the necessary knowledge in a compact capsule to hit the ground running with the sales management career.

Product Management

Product sales and product management are important cornerstones in sales organization.

This module provides overview of product management role in the sales organization as well as the responsibilities and activities carried over by product management.

• Product manager role in sales organization

• Product manager profile and skills

• Basics of marketing

• Competition

• Product positioning

• Building essential product selling kit.

Sales Organization Structure

This module is providing essential knowledge on how to recruit, organize and maintain sales force effectively.


It also provides the necessary basic communication framework within the sales organization as well as between sales and other functions in business.

• Different functions in sales organization

• Organizing sales force

• Sales force recruitment

• Reporting and communication within sales organization

• Reporting and communication between sales organization and the other business functions

Sales Funnel Manager

Managing sales team is not an easy job. Managing sales forecast is a job from hell ! SALES FUNNEL MANAGER (SFM) is the missing piece that every sales manager needs to manage his sales team numbers and forecasts effectively.

Usually sales managers and supervisors have weekly or bi-weekly updates from their sales staff about the running opportunities, what is won, what is lost, what is still cold, what’s getting active, what’s going under aggressive competitive attacks, …. Etc. Having all of these details weekly, a sales manager gets lost within this huge amount of data and limited time. The easy way out is: FOCUS ON THE NEAR CLOSING OPPORTUNITIES and let the other details for later

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