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Persuasive Presentation Skills Course

About the Course

Today is the day… you dress your best, excited and thrilled about the meeting where you will present your idea. Hoping by the end of this meeting, the audience will be sharing the same enthusiasm and support to your idea. You had been working on it for the past weeks; ready with full knowledge about the topic and carefully prepared a nice presentation and practiced it a few times.
One hour before the presentation, you open the laptop; have a final look and silent rehearsal before you get into the meeting room. 

SHOWTIME … the meeting starts; you look at the audience, smile… SWEAT, SHIVER, HESITATE, and your voice comes out shaky!!! Welcome to the presentation floor.
Your slides aren’t as attractive as before, animations seem to take longer time, you are either out of words or trying to squeeze hundreds of words, your confidence is going down, audience look like they are losing interest, one person is sneaking a look at his hand watch, another pair started a side talk and ... your presentation is ruined.
This is not another “presentation skills” workshop talking only about your slides, tone and body language.
It is about mastering the art of PERSUASION through PRESENTATION. It’s about mastering the SHOW-TIME Join us to see it in action and get ready for your next impressive persuasive presentation.

Main Topics

• Presentation for persuasion
• The forgotten factor 
• The presentation "recipe"
• The human factor
• Presentation tools
• Audience management


For Registration

  • Digital Application Form   

  • Passport Size Photo


Payment Methods  

  • Cash/Check at Shift’s Premises

  • Runner to collect Cash/Check

  • Bank Transfer/Deposit


Duration and Schedule

Duration: 16 Hours   

Schedule: 2 Full days or 4 evening sessions 


Being a Shift Trainee, You Will Also Enjoy


1 online consultation session one month after the training with the instructor for any inquiries or on the job obstacles you may face after the end of the program.


Personal Credentials Portfolio

We will provide you with an online space where you can keep your resume, work portfolio, certificates, or and any other credentials that will help you in your next career step.

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