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Panoramic Key Account Management 

Upgrading business relation with the key customers from transactional to collaborative level 
is the most economic means to keep medium-long term business success. This module is 
dedicated for sales professionals who are responsible for key account handling. It provides 
specific tools and techniques for key accounts identifications, analysis, prioritizing, 
development and maintenance.

  • What’s an account?

  • What does account manager 

  • manage?

  • Relation value rather than 

  • commodity price

  • The account manager role

  • Building blocks of customer 

  • relationship

  • Key account’s identification and 

  • prioritization

  • Key accounts selection

  • Relation stage identification and relation development

  • Key account profiling

  • Building the account handling map: contacts, structural and functional aspects

  • Mandatory commercial knowledge for account managers 

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