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New Sales Manager Ramp Up kit

The objective of this training is to provide the newly appointed sales managers with the necessary knowledge in a compact capsule to hit the ground running with the sales management career. This crash program serves as a starter kit and can be the base for further advanced specialized development in the key selected areas -which may be identified in a later stage by each sales manager- according to the specific needs of each organization.

Inevitable foundation  (4 Hours)

This module provides the essential overview of the sales function purpose, scope and organization as well as the impact of sales on the overall organization performance and stability. This module is mandatory for all participants no matter how long is the length of prior sales experience.

• Sales versus other customer focused functions

• Inevitable finance knowledge for sales

• Sales channels and different types of selling

• Different sales functions within the sales organizations

• Buyers and their motivation

The process and elements (8 Hours)

In this module, participants get a panoramic overview of the main elements and steps of the effective sales process as well as the concerned parties. This knowledge is a key factor to building the performance KPIs of the sales team as well as continuously and proactively determining the resources needed to plan and achieve the desired results within any given circumstances.

Selling and buying process steps

• Opening

• Educating

• Validating

• Justifying

• Closing

• The funnel

• Stake holders

• The Sales Man

• The customer

• The competition

• Presentations

• Offering

Panoramic Sales management (P2 model)  (8   Hours)

This is where the sales manager gets the focused knowledge about how to manage the two main concern areas of a successful manager: People and Process. What needs to be done, when, by Who. How to economically use the available sales force and keep them performing to their maximum potential. Plan what is needed to achieve what is required.

• Sales manager role

• Organizing sales force

• Funnel management

• Target

• Forecasts

• Managing sales meetings

• Performance monitoring and appraisal

• Motivation

• Compensation, rewarding and corrective actions

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