Medical Equipment Sales Academy 


Program Overview 

It is no longer about establishing a good relationship with doctors/physicians enough for medical device sales representatives to make a sale. The medical devices buying environment is becoming more complex over time.

Medical equipment sales professionals should not only be fully equipped with the technical know-how/knowledge about the products they are selling but they also need to acquire the essential selling skills in order to penetrate the competitive medical equipment and devices markets, capitalize on the success and fortress their market share.

Combining technical product sales knowledge with an adequate selling approach will perfectly position your company and the trust needed to persuade the decision-makers with the added value the product innovation is bringing that stands out from any competition.


Course outline:

Core track

1- Get on the right foot

a. The one and only correct focus of MEQ sales force

b. Financial impact of sales decisions

c. Sales professionals Career in the MEQ market

d. Stakeholders: insiders and outsiders.

2- MEQ sales masterplan

a. MEQ buying and selling process

b. Medical equipment customer profile and segments

c. Selling by Value, not discounts

d. Smart Opportunity management, leaving no gaps

3- Smart product management, the profit generator

a. Competition redefined

b. Competitive positioning through value network

c. Attack and defense strategies

d. Competition segmentation

e. Competitive intelligence system

f. Product portfolio management

4- Healthcare facilities sales account management

a. Account management styles

b. Who are MEQ account stakeholders?

c. healthcare accounts segmentation and the KSF at each segment

d. Account development

e. Risk signals

Sales accelerator track

1- Professional email and report writing

a. Who will receive what you wrote

b. Write for them to read

c. Language tips

d. Structure

e. Internal and external contexts

2- Productive communication

a. Pillars of productive communication

b. When and how to listen and speak

c. How to listen in each stage of the selling process

d. How to speak in each stage of the selling process

e. Pauses and interruptions, when and how

f. Use your toolbox

3- Show Time … Present to persuade

a. Types of presentations

b. Revealing the most important factor in any presentation

c. Building the presentation: 3 components

d. Attractive visual presentation

e. How to be a professional presenter … even if you think you can’t

4- Negotiation and closing

a. Why do your customers say no

b. Steps of the negotiation process

c. Position fortress

d. The practical win-win tree

e. Different customers, different negotiation styles

f. The playbook of closing techniques


MEQ Sales management track

1- Leading your team

a. The roadmap Personality styles: Know your force, Know yourself

b. Building a team, culture, loyalty, and results

c. Avoiding competition with your team

d. Team members classification

e. Career steps and expanding career options

f. Retention vs Motivation

g. Rewarding and Corrective actions

2- Leading the sales process

a. Funnel management

b. Target setting

c. Fair and transparent bonus systems

d. Sales team structure and sales force deployment

Target Audience

Medical equipment manufacturers and their distributors or agents especially those operating in Africa and the Middle East.

Duration and Schedule

Duration:  80 Hours   

Schedule: 10 Full days


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