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كلمتين و بس

كلمتين وبس is Shift social business forum where we cover a specific single business concept to the point in a short condensed session,

Open sessions

  • Professional Report Writing
    Tue, 22 Mar
    Online event
    Panoramic knowledge to professionally construct, write, and present a business report. This course covers all the elements of a professional report including the content, organization, information and persuasion if needed.
  • Professional e-mail writing
    Sun, 20 Mar
    Online event
    Your email is you, your image and your company. When you talk, you like people to listen, get interested and respond. Email became the most commonly used professional communication channel. All business professionals, juniors and seniors, have to master it.
  • Presentation story building كلمتين وبس
    Tue, 15 Mar
    Online training session
    Presenting to the audience is the last step of a well planned journey. before standing to tell the story, you should have a well built story in the first place. This workshop is about building a good story to capture the audience, convey your message and make your job as a presenter much easier.
  • Presenter voice, tone, and body language كلمتين وبس
    Mon, 14 Mar
    Online training session
    It is SHOW TIME! This is the moment when you had prepared for to present your presentation in front of the audience: On stage, in Class or Online. This session equips you with the essential tactics, tips &tricks on how to present, speak, pause, move to capture your audience and convey your message
  • Attractive presentation slide design كلمتين وبس
    Sun, 13 Mar
    Online training session
    You don't have to be an artist to be able to design a nice looking slide presentation. In this session, you will learn how to create visually attractive slides with color harmony, perfect space usage and eye catching outlines. Concepts in this session apply to PowerPoint, Keynote, ...etc.
  • Time Management - Tick-Tock Lead Your Clock
    Sun, 06 Mar
    Start to spend your time instead of having the time consuming you. This workshop is providing alternative productive methodologies to get the important, urgent and nice things all done together within your day. Eliminate the stress, and get things done
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