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General Management

SHIFT training

General Management involves being responsible, on a day-to-day basis, for the direction of a business, or part of a business, against the backdrop of an increasingly global market place.
It’s varied, hands on and challenging with responsibility not only for the output of a team of staff but also to more senior managers for achieving project based work and management targets. Consequently, roles can be very busy but also stimulating and rewarding.
Advanced management and leadership 

Management and leadership theories are a matter of customization based on two pillar; one is the leader’s personal style; and the second, is the organization’s nature, including its size, industry, history, values, vision, and mission; the connection among leadership dimensions is the hard work that facilitates daily operations management.

Axes of innovative and creative excellence for top management

Innovation is meant to develop leaders’ ability in adding value through new solutions that meet new needs and/or old needs in new ways. Innovation is not development, it iis simply the organization’s ability to align and cope with external change in its industry and market.

Business planning 

To plan for your business is a matter of forming a meaningful picture of what you dream to reach (vision), why it is important (values), what colors do I have in painting the picture (resources), assertiveness before saying and acting, achieving expected results, and having everyone fully involved. Studying the components of the business plan is an art of selecting effective and relevant variables as the foundation for selecting, development, allocating resources, making decisions, carrying out SWOT analysis or competitor analysis is an easy process, but the art of selecting what to compare is what differentiates one business from another.

Coaching for improved performance 

Coaching as an essential leadership tool is concerned with developing other team members according to each one’s personal needs; resistance or negative perception of the coaching could happen when misuse this tool.


The program develops participants’ skills in carrying out effective coaching through increasing their ability to alter from one style to the other according to the need.

Contemporary Management 

This course provides a panoramic overview on the contemporary management models and theories. It starts with discussing the concept of goal oriented organizations and how to manage the resources to achieve the planned goals. The course also covers the different organizational functions, management levels, management for performance and the decision making process.


In the current global turmoil of political, economic and/or specific market environments, all organizations are faced with unfavorable situations that may pose a threat to the benefits or even to the survival of the organization. Within this business environment, crisis management methodology is not a just an extra luggage in the organization strategic cabinet; it is believed to be the core of strategic management nowadays to face everyday potential threats. The threat may come from economic downturn, political instability, market demographics change, or even just a new competitor shaking the competitive outlook of the market. Crisis management is the process through which the organization deals with a situation that poses an actual or potential threat to the organization or any of its stake holders. This workshop provides an overview on the crisis management process and methodologies.

Effective Performance based Management and Leadership 

Being front line employee is easy, you know what you are supposed to do, and then you do it … personally with your own hands. Being a manager is not that easy even if you are good as a business professional. You do what needs to be done through your team. It is not you who executes, it is your team. They may not do the job exactly as you would have done it, they may not do it as good as you want it or as it should be.

Fundamentals of Project Management 

This workshop provides an efficient overview of project management concepts, methodologies and techniques. This workshop is directed to functional managers, project managers and team members and anyone with project responsibility who needs a basic understanding of how to get a project started and completed using given resources and limitations.

Indirect Business Management – channels management 
Change management 

Change is a natural feature of the market; this is due to political stability, economic conditions, sociological ideologies and other factors that can never be avoided; organizations if not well prepared to cope with its changing environment will suffer from problems associated with old understandings assuming its validity. This course is designed to develop organization leaders’ intuition and to enable them to observe, monitor and align their organizations according to best practices and considering their values to cope with change, with maintaining same growth rate.

Coding team interaction 

Team building Although people in every workplace strive for team building, working as a team, and my team, but few who understand how to create the proper team environment, how to develop an effective team performance, and how to develop the team spirit and cohesiveness in a way that serves organizational needs. Team building is a philosophy of job design in which employees perceive themselves as members of an interdependent team instead of as individual employees who work separately. Higher level of awareness of causes and effects of one’s own performance relative to other team members’

Controlling performance & achieving team KPIs 

Team KPIs has to be carefully set to be relevant to the expected results; performance as the desired level that maintain achieving competitive results needs to be managed; still the question what to manage in order to control the team performance.

Designing team creative environment 

creativity is an essential skill to every team in order to effectively cope with change; creative work environment triggers creativity within each team member, and non creative work environment acts as a barrier to creative solutions and suggestions. This program is built upon the idea of creating positive team work environment that allows for effective cope with change with maintaining the proper focus on achieving results.

Entrepreneurial Commercial Thinking 12 full days 

Overview This is a new management approach to encourage business unit manager and business executives in general to think like an entrepreneur. Every business unit is treated like a standalone company, with its own P&L statement.

Goal setting and action planning for managers 

Managers have a critical role in transforming business strategy and objectives into operational action plans with clearly identified goals. Achieving the goals will lead to materializing the business objectives and keep strategy on track. This workshop provide managers with the necessary toolbox for transforming business strategy into action plans with clearly defined and measurable goals.more...

Management within turbulent circumstances 

Managing organizations at the usual times where everything is normal, expectations are clear is not as simple as managing the same organization at turbulent circumstances where things tend to require reliable leaders to overcome tough times with minimum or no loss.more...

There are many way for your business to reach your customers. These ways are expanding day by day and getting more and more decentralized and sometimes uncontrollable in a direct way. Any way that connects your business to its clients is a channel. Some of these channels are not reporting to you, some other are even outside the boundaries of your organization, outside the scope of your control. This course is about how to manage the indirect, apparently uncontrollable business channels.

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