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Data Analysis Using R Programming Language

Two Day Hands-on Workshop

About the Course:

Data Analysis skills are mandatory and inevitably essential in a data driven world. The field of Data analysis offers an extensive range of tools, methods and techniques to solve a wide scope of problems ranging from simple to highly sophisticated. To deal with large amounts of data, special software packages and technologies should be deployed. The R language is one of the fastest-growing technologies used by large corporations such as, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Uber, Airbnb and IBM, to analyze data for making critical decisions across all levels of their ecosystems.

This workshop aims to introduce the basics to participants to begin using the R language for data analysis and run sophisticated techniques, such as logistic regression, cluster analysis, time series analysis, PCA, Factor Analysis, etc. This workshop is not meant to comprehensively cover all aspects of the R language, which would require longer training hours. Nevertheless, participants will acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to start their data analysis journey using the R language.

Key Issues to be Covered:

R Language: Introduction

  • Theoretical Knowledge

    • Basics (Objects, Classes, Functions, etc.)

    • Data structure and format

  • Practical

    • Installation, CRAN

    • IDE – RStudio, Technical Environment

    • Installation and loading of packages

    • Read Data, CSV, and more.

Data Analysis: Application

  • Refreshing your Knowledge (no R)

    • Descriptive Data Analysis, Graphical Outlook

    • Inferential Data Analysis: T-test, F-test, Chi-Square-test, p-value, ANOVA

  • Using R

    • Descriptive Analysis using “base R” and “psych” packages

    • Inferential Data Analysis using “tidyverse”, “DescTools” and “Mosaic”, “psych” packages

    • Plotting using the“ggplot2” package

    • Linear Regression (background and Application)

    • Logistic Regression (background and Application)

    • Cluster Analysis (background and Application)

    • Principle Components Analysis PCA (background and Application)

    • More … depending on class dynamics

  • The Way Forward! What’s next?


Prerequisites and Important Notes:

No prior knowledge required! However, having basic data analysis knowledge is a plus. During this course we will start with the basics of R language from scratch.

Participants need to bring their own computers with them during the workshop.

Before the workshop, participants need to install the following programs:

  • Latest version of the R-Language from (R-3.4.4)

  • RStudio 

  • During the workshop, more packages (tidyverse, Mosaic, DescTools, etc.) will be installed from the internet or used offline.


Target Attendees

  • Professionals working in analytics or related fields

  • Anyone interested in statistics and data sciences

  • Researchers who perform data analysis including graphs

  • Web developers who want to implement data analysis features in their webpage


For Registration

  • An application should be filled and sent to registration@shift-performance.com before the deadline. The application can be found in the button above on this page.

  • The fees should be submitted before the deadline.

  • Payment can be done through bank deposit or bank transfer

  • A runner can be sent to collect the fees.

Duration and Schedule

Duration: 16 Hours

Schedule: 2 full days from 9:00 to 17:00.

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