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Competency Based Interviewing Workshop

About the Course

Due to the recent increase of retiring staff and high turnovers, it’s very important as supervisors to make sure you understand the importance of hiring the right person. During interviews, supervisors should think about who will make the best hire; whether or not the applicants are looking at the job as a stepping stone or long term; and what skills they offer that will add to the unit as a whole.


Competency Based Interview (CBI) is an interview technique to identify and assess the competencies of candidates for a particular job – whether you are seeking to hire, retain or reassign the candidate based on the premise that a person’s past behavior is the best predictor of their future performance, this powerful technique is widely used also for identifying employees for further development


This course is designed to guide you through the beginning of the CBI process until the follow-up after the interview.

Main Topics


  1. Introduction and Course Overview

  2. What are Competencies?

  3. Three golden Rules

  4. Interview Questions

  5. The Star Methods

  6. Identify the five main competencies.

  7. Develop Competency Based Interviewing Questions.

  8. Identify interviewers’ common mistakes.  

  9. Activities

Target Audience

Any HR professional involved in recruitment, selection and development is the best fit for this program.


For Registration

  • Digital Application Form   

  • Passport Size Photo


Payment Methods  

  • Bank Transfer/Deposit

  • Runner to collect Cash/Check


Duration and Schedule

Duration: 16 Hours   

Schedule: 2 Full days


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