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Business Writing Skills Course

About the Course

No professional can succeed in today's business environment unless they can effectively communicate through the written word. This course is ideal for you if you want to improve your writing skills and master the different techniques of writing for business!

It's a highly interactive course that includes various hands-on activities. 

Main Topics


Module I:  Preparing yourself for writing 

o    Cope with writing anxiety
o    Startup the writing process using effective strategies
o    Exercises


Module II: Effective business writing Skills

o    Select the appropriate tone for writing business document 
o    Apply reader centered principles (The You Attitude) to business writing.
o    Demonstrate knowledge of effective business writing principles


Module III:  The Four C’s of writing 
o    Editing & Revision (the four Cs)
•    Conciseness
•    Clarity
•    Completeness 
•     Correctness
•    Exercises


Module IV: Business documents (letters, e-mails, memos)

o    Recognize and write different types business documents.
•    Letters & Memos): Types, samples, techniques and applications.
•    E mail Versus letters & memos
o    Apply proper E-mail guidelines and etiquette in daily correspondence.
o    Proper e – mail writing and etiquette videos
o    Exercises.


For Registration

  • Digital Application Form   

  • Passport Size Photo


Payment Methods  

  • Cash/Check at Shift’s Premises

  • Runner to collect Cash/Check

  • Bank Transfer/Deposit


Duration and Schedule

Duration: 16 Hours   

Schedule: 2 Full days


Being a Shift Trainee, You Will Also Enjoy


1 online consultation session one month after the training with the instructor for any inquiries or on the job obstacles you may face after the end of the program.


Personal Credentials Portfolio

We will provide you with an online space where you can keep your resume, work portfolio, certificates, or and any other credentials that will help you in your next career step.

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