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Advanced Professional Sales Diploma

About the Diploma

“If you want to describe sales... Simply NO TRANSACTION NO SALES …Sales is the power engine that keeps every organization operating. In the middle of the sales battle, you are surrounded by competitors and, the customer is
guarded against the usual sales tactics and techniques. 
There is no general tactics, process, skills that fit all sales opportunities. To increase your chances of winning, you must be ready with the right tools at the right time that are tailored for the Egyptian and the Middle Eastern markets where our clients, competition and operations are. Most of sales theories come from cultures (as British and American people) that totally differ from our MEA region culture, and borrowing tools which are built for other countries, cultures and clients will never perfectly work in our local markets with our local customers.


What Makes it the Best Sales Diploma

  • We offer 2 tracks; one for Sales Representatives and the other for Sales Managers, in order to specifically address the specialized knowledge needed for each segment. 

  • The Advanced Professional Sales Diploma tackles the sales process from the buyers’ perceptions, triggers, motives, and behavior, rather than the conventional sales training that only focuses on traditional selling techniques and process.

  • Instructors are sales executives in strategic positions in their organizations with long hands-on experience, always having the alternative solutions to all sales issues.

  • The Diploma helps sales professionals build their own product/service defense distinctiveness strategy against competitors.

  • The programs are designed based on Egyptian market, with its specific characteristics, which makes it a practical guide to excel in the sales role. 

  • The topics covered in both tracks are crucial and yet, not covered in any other program in Egypt. 

  • We will also be there after the program ends, to offer support and discuss on-the-job challenges. 


Main Topics


  • Module 1: Sales square 1

  • Module 2: Sales sprint

  • Module 3: Sales process elements and tactic


  • Module 1: Panoramic key account management

  • Module 2: Executive account management

  • Module 3: Tender management

  • Module 4: basics of customer relation management (CRM)


  • Module 1: Product management (value based selling) (selling through value not discount)

  • Module 2: Competition management


For Registration

  • Digital Application Form   

  • Passport Size Photo


Payment Methods  

  • Cash/Check at Shift’s Premises

  • Runner to collect Cash/Check

  • Bank Transfer/Deposit


Duration and Schedule

Duration: 64 Hours – 2 months

Schedule: 8 days from 9:00 to 17:00

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